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Please cancel all appointments with at least an 8 hour notice. All appointments cancelled with less than an 8 hour notice will be considered a “Late Cancel” and that session will be forfeited. At this time, no monetary fee will be charged for “Late Cancels.”

Point of clarification: Any change/rebooking of an appointment within 8 hours is a “Late Cancel.” Changing an appointment means cancelling a current one. Whether the rebooking is for a half hour earlier or later, or for the next day, the original appointment is being cancelled. The original appointment is “Late Cancelled” (loss of session) and the rebooking counts as another workout. We don’t want you to use up your appointments with “Late Cancels” by not understanding this policy. Please let us know if this is unclear.

We have limited spots available and keep our sessions small (only 4 people) so you can get personal attention. Our policies have been developed to reflect our semi-private, appointment based nature.


Please cancel appointments you cannot attend. Appointments that are not cancelled and not attended will be considered “No Shows” and those sessions are forfeited. Please be courteous to your 348 family and open up spots you aren’t going to use with at least an 8 hour notice. See “Permanent Times” for further details on “No Shows.”

PERMANENT TIMES: Permanent reservation times are available within the following guidelines:

You may cancel a permanent reservation 10 times without penalty, as long as it is 8 hours in advance. This applies to each specific reservation. For example, if you are scheduled for M, W, F and you go on vacation for one week, this would count as one Monday, one Wednesday, and one Friday. You get 10 per specific reservation day and time.

Once you have reached the 10 cancellation threshold for a specific time, you will have 2 options:

  • Become a “floater” – Come off the permanent schedule and book your weekly appointment on the app as it fits your schedule. “Late Cancel” and “No Show” policies apply to these times, but if you “Early Cancel,” you will still be able to make up that time.
  • Keep your permanent reservation with limitations. If you elect to keep holding a permanent reservation, you may do so but without the ability to make it up if you have to miss or cancel. We cannot accommodate permanent reservations going unused and then rebooked an unlimited amount. We will notify you once you have reached the 10 cancellation threshold.

Permanent Reservations are also affected by “No Shows.” If you “No Show” 3 times, you will be removed from the permanent schedule. You can cancel appointments on the app (preferably), or by phone, text, and email. Please make every effort to cancel appointments you cannot attend.


If you are more than five minutes late for your appointment you risk losing your spot to members at the studio waiting for availability and may forfeit that session. Studio 348 will not provide additional exercise guidance in between sessions to make up for lost time due to late arrival.

Please let us know if you have trouble with the MindBody app. Without your help, we may not be aware of the issue. We are always striving to improve our services. By having open and constructive dialogue with our customers, we have adjusted policies to serve the 348 community better.